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Kelliher Mustang Speech

After the Battles come the REWARDS!
After the Battles come the REWARDS!



Voice. Most of us are born with a voice. Vocal chords that make noise. Noise when we're hungry, when we're thirsty, noise when we need care. As we grow, we apply language, words, to that voice. We develop the skills to tell the people and things around us just what we want, need and percieve. Our thoughts and feelings get put to sound through our voices. We use our voice to ask questions and learn. We use our voice to let others know when we're mad, sad, lonely, scared.  We use our voice to show hapiness, surprise, joy and sorrow. We use our voices together to sing praises, to laugh, to shout, to calm, to care. We use our voices indivudually to assert our existence, to let people know who we are and what we stand for. To be real and part of the world.

Speech is the place to be heard. Speech will challenge your voice, but let you speak it. Speech will amplify your voice so you'll be heard. Speech will strengthen your voice to give you credibility. Speech will shape your voice to give you purpose. Speech will make your voice rise above the noise so that you'll be able to give a voice to those who need one.

Join speech. Speak your mind. Share your voice. SPEAK.