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Industrial Technology

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Mr. Nord's Online Resources During COVID-19 Shutdown (Click Here!)

Check out the latest art and shop projects here!


Fab Lab:


Fab Lab Costing Form


Tutorial for printing on the large format printer:  1. Change Paper   2. Print


Yearbook Photos Upload SHARED FOLDER


Machine Tutorials         Project Tutorials (more coming soon)


Custom Orders for Dye-Sublimation Printing (search blank products in upper left)


Rules for Virtual Reality Headset:

1. You may not use or touch the VR headset, controllers or computer unless you have permission from (1) your homeroom teacher and (2) Mr. Nord or Mr. Carlson.

2. You may only go on programs approved by Mr. Nord or Mr. Carlson.

3.  If you have general permission to use the VR headset, you may use art programs like Tilt Brush, Google Earth or any other educational programs.

4. Minecraft is only available as a reward for extra work, since it is of limited educational value.

5. You must plug in controllers when done.

6. You must unplug the headset when you are done.

7. You may never scare, poke or touch anyone who is using the VR headset.  You may lose your privileges for the entire year if you do.

8. Make sure the VR area is clear and you don’t make sudden movements so you don’t bump into anything.  Also, don’t put anything in anyone’s way.


Install Adobe Creative Suite   (  PDF if slow)  


       (You'll need to ask for access to the install files)