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Class Schedule  

Weekly Class Assignments: March 30th-April 3rd (All Assignments are due by 11:59 PM Friday night-unless stated in the assignment)

11th World History: Watch the video about the beginging of the Roman Civilization, answer the questions and turn them into the Google Classroom. 

10th American History: Watch the History Channel Video (The turning point battle in the Civil War to give the North an advantage to win the Civil War) Answer the questions for the video-turn into the Google Classroom.

12th Economics: Log onto Market Watch-Create Account-Join the Mustangs Covid 19 Competition. Watch the tutorial video, answer the question about shares you would like to buy. Start buying shares. 

8th Global Studies: Amazing Race Project, watch an episode of the Amazing Race, answer the question about the show, then pick your 6 sites. (City, Country, Continent) turn into Google Classroom.

9th World Geography: National Parks Project-Use Google Earth to see the 31 National Park tours in the U.S., pick a National Park & your four sites that you will visit in your National Park. Turn into Google Classroom.

7th American History: Watch the video America the Story of Us-Revolution (About the American Revolution) Answer questions turn in answers into google classroom.