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Corona Virus Updates

Contacting Staff

If there is need to contact a teacher.  Everyone can be contacted through the School Staff link under the News and Events header.

Updated Contact Information

If any staff, parent/guardian or student changes email or phone contacts, please email either or to get the latest school and student information.


If your child is experiencing a homeless condition please contact the Kelliher School- Carly Amsden at (218) 647-8286 ext. 1211.

Student and Teacher Expectations

Distant Learning Expectations




THURSDAY, APRIL 9, 2020 7:00 P.M.







Meals Consent Form for school closure past March 27th

All kids can eat for free - our enrolled students will have theirs delivered.

Forms need to be received for ANY delivery - food or materials. It is consent for any staff member to go to their homes during this time to deliver these items.

Feel free to include this as an attachment in your emails to parents/students for them to complete and get back to us.

Any enrolled students of Kelliher School will get the meal/material deliveries. Students of any other school who live in the area can still receive lunches. Those families would need to sign up and pick up the meals, they won't be delivered.


  • Kid 1 lives in Northome and goes to Kelliher School = is a resident of Northome so can get meals from Northome if they choose, but since a student of Kelliher and can receive meals from Kelliher, of which will be delivered to their home along with materials - they need to return Consent Form to us
  • Kid 2 lives in Kelliher and goes to Northome = is a resident of Kelliher School and can receive meals from Kelliher - they need to sign up daily/weekly and pick up the meals at Kelliher School

Anyone who doesn't want any meals delivered should call us so we can note/plan accordingly.

All school meals under these programs are free of charge to anyone even if they don't qualify for free/reduced meals.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks again for your continued patience through this!





Due to social distancing, Kelliher School is cancelling the "Taste of Kelliher" scheduled for April 18, 2020. The money raised from that event funded the Kelliher Alumni Scholarship.

Kelliher seniors need your help! There is no way for us to have another gathering or to sell products door-to-door. So...we need your donations! Please consider mailing a donation for the Kelliher Alumni Scholarship. We hope to raise enough money to award the same amount as we gave last year. If we do that, it would be awesome! Any money over and above that amount will be added to the principal in the Alumni Scholarship account.

Cynthia Celander, Kelliher School, P.O. Box 25, 9Kelliher, MN 56650

Please share this with other Kelliher Alumni. I know we have many generous and supportive community members, and we appreciate your continued support.





Parents and students that would like to participate in the meal distribution program and are unable to make it to pick up at the Kelliher School. Other options for parents in the Red Lake or Ponemah area is to contact your local community center or tribal programs for school based meals and/or wifi access.

If in Blackduck or Northome districts please contact your district school for their lunch programs.

Also parents and students please check emails and records daily for updated information.
Please contact teachers and staff according to student needs.





Due to the corona virus outbreak we have some updates on services/activities at the school.

  • The end of the third quarter has been changed to last Friday March 13th 2020. Students have the opportunity to submit work into the school during this layoff ending on the 27th of March.
  • Second is the postponement of all student based after school activities including targeted services until school is back to regular hours.
  • Third all Community Fobs will be turned off during this time, until regular school hours are in session.
  • How to use technology tutorials will be up later in the week for students that need help accessing material being used by their teachers.
  • The National Honor Society and FCCLA sponsored Easter Egg hunt will not be held this year due to the current situation.
  • There will be no Spring Parent/Teacher conferences originally scheduled for April 1. However teachers will be contacting parents/guardians to schedule a telephone conference instead.